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What are the best results we have helped our students achieve?

  1. Our elementary schoolers (after one year of taking advanced classes) are strong in mental calculations and study concepts above their grade.

  2. Our 5-6th graders taking the Science program right now are 2-3 grades ahead of their classmates in the public school. These students are doing the 8th grade Science program: they learn the deeper material than the public system level and are well-prepared for the Science of the 6th-8th grades at school. That is not only the subjective statement: parents can see students' success at the Olympiads on the local and international levels.

  3. The same about Math: the public school system is weak for gifted and talented students. Our program is flexible and can be adjusted to the level of students: if they catch everything very quickly and show high results on the practice tests, they go to the next topic. If not, we can continue working on that more using different materials. Students study the material of the 1-2 grades ahead. In the USA, the Math and Science level is shallow, making our challenging program an excellent tool to keep gifted students challenged.

  4. SHSAT program helps our students to get to the specialized schools for gifted students in New York City. Only top students with the highest scores are selected, which means this test is very competitive. Last year 17 out of 21 students were accepted to the school of their dreams.

  5. After being accepted to the specialized schools, students who continue working with us (we focused on Chemistry and Geometry since they are considered the most challenging subjects in the 9th grade) are getting B+ - A+ compared to the students who stopped classes. The accepted students take the summer introduction classes to Geometry and Chemistry and continue studying. They faced the hardness of the transition period because they changed schools (from middle to high school). However, they adapted comparatively quickly (about one month), got used to the volume of homework to be done, managed to do that, and stayed on the high level compared to other students. So, even if they got accepted into advanced schools, that's not the final point since students have to perform and stay on a good level at school.

  6. Students get more courses at the public school since they perform very well on the tests, and they do not need to retake them (for example, Regents tests in the 8-10th grades). Regents' examinations include Living Environment, Chemistry, Earth Science, Algebra I, Geometry, etc. If the student has an average score of 90 or higher on all Regents examinations and takes 8 of them, they can get the Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation with Honors. That is beneficial for the college application as the academic achievement.

  7. Students accepted into specialized schools get support since they face huge differences between middle school and high school programs.

  8. Additional programs like ours help gifted and talented students stand out later in high school. It is vital for college application. The question is the higher cost of a college education. Advanced students can get scholarships and avoid student loans. That is a massive problem in the USA since many people have to pay loans much after graduation. Some examples: even dentists considered well-paid professionals in 10-15 years after graduating still pay their students' loans.

  9. The increase on the SAT test this year was 50-350 points (the increase is proportional to the preparation time: the more time we have, the better score is).

  10. Want to be on the winning side? Join our team and stand out in the academic progress!

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