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Choose your pricing plan

  • Private classes

    Every month
    Perfect for beginners looking for weekly classes
    Valid for 4 months
    • One 1 hour class each week; payment is for 4 weeks
    • Materials after each class in pdf format
    • Call from the teacher twice a month with recommendations
    • Free online practice once a week
    • Reduced price for each class
  • Classes in pairs

    Every month
    Perfect for test preparation in a short period
     1 day free trial
    • Book a lesson at your convenient time
    • Materials after each class in the pdf-format
    • Free online practice to review the topic
    • Call from the teacher with recommendations
    • Payment is for 4 weeks
  • Group classes

    Every month
    Enrichment programs or test preparation
    • focus on each subject (Science, Math, English)
    • materials after each class in pdf-format
    • call from the teacher with recommendations
    • reduced price for each class
    • online practice
    • Payment is for 4 weeks
The key is to plan your most important tasks, not what's on your agenda. (1).png
Math and Science Mastery for the middle school students 16 weeks

⇒ Provide a core curriculum. 

⇒ 2 x Tutoring lessons per week

⇒ 1 x Drop in / catch up session per week

⇒ A 1-on-1 Kick-off / Acceleration Call

⇒ A group/parent mastermind community

⇒ A 1-on-1 review session

⇒ Support system

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