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Online Classes

Online Classes: Setting Your Child Up For Success

As your child makes the transition to online classes, it can be tough to help them focus in a new environment. Check out these tips for helping your child make the most of their transition to virtual learning.

Set up a dedicated study space. While it can be tough to focus at school, it can be even harder at home. Setting up a dedicated learning space can be helpful. Whether it's a desk in their bedroom, a space at the kitchen table, or even an area outside, a learning space can help your child turn on their focus as soon as they sit down to begin class.

Make sure they aren't overdoing it on screen time. If your child is spending the day in front of the computer taking classes, be sure that they have some time in which they aren't staring at a screen. Whether this means exercising, reading a book, going for a walk, or spending some time engaging in a hobby, it's important that your child allows their eyes to rest away from the screen.

Take breaks. Remember, when your child is in school, they aren't working from the time they get there in the morning until the time they go home. They have time in between classes, time to socialize, time to eat lunch, work out during gym class, etc. These parts of the day are important, and provide a much needed break for your child to work on skills that allow them to become well-rounded.

Allow social time. An important part of the middle and high school learning process is spending time with friends. In addition to academic work, kids also need to sharpen their social skills, and an important part of that is interacting with one another. Whether your child video chats with friends or is able to spend some socially-distanced time with peers, remember that interaction is a key part of the learning process. When your child gets to "see" their friends, they'll have an easier time focusing on their studies.

In today's ever-changing world, online classes are becoming a way of life. It's key to create an environment that allows your child to concentrate and focus. Adding tutoring to your child's schedule can help to give them the confidence that they need to succeed in a new, unusual way of learning. At Erudite, Inc., we're here to provide the math, science, and English tutoring that your child needs, along with many other subject areas. Reach out to us today to learn more about our math, science, and English tutoring options today.

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