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How To Cope with Test Anxiety

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Join our private group to watch some videos about test anxiety

Sometimes as parents we can be confused how to help our kids to deal with the panic before a very important exam.

" daughter [the student is in the 8th grade] is feeling stressed out, and she has mid-term exams next week... I'm working through some anxiety with her... She has tested positive for COVD-19. I think that this school year, with the return to fully in-person learning, and she is trying to catch up in Math, and discovering just how far behind she is in Math has stressed her out. And now, she is sick..."

Familiar story?

Join our group, get some tips and techniques, watch what professionals think about that (teachers, phycologists, mentors).

Two pdf files are attached for you to get more information about that. What can we do to take tests successfully without the test anxiety? (Both files are from the open Internet sources).

Download PDF • 113KB

Download PDF • 197KB

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