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How to check the progress?

When students take additional programs like ours, for example, sometimes it is hard for parents to see if their kids are progressing or not. At the public school, there is a testing system: after each topic, kids take a test, and at the end of the marking period, there are some tests as well. So, what is going on at our center, and how do we track the progress of our students?

Usually, parents control the learning success by grades at school. Suppose a student has some issues in Math, for instance. If their grades are going up, parents consider that as the success and the measurement that the student is doing well on the additional learning program because that helps the school education.

What do we do? Our students are gifted and talented. They are strong with their school program. Our students also take tests: after-class tests and cumulative tests. The after-class tests are based on what students are learning now. The test is set at exam level and is accumulative (once they've been taught something, they're tested on it every week until their accumulative exam). It helps parents know where their child is at and knowledge retention and exam prep.

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